Monday, July 26, 2010

Today is the day everyone. I have arrived. I have finally started my blog. I have had a blog account set up for months now and have not done anything with it. But lo and behold today is the beginning.

So what am I going to write about? I could give organizing tips, or teach about how to organize something but I think it might be more interesting and fun to wrote all about the making of my "rise to fame" and my "story."

For a long time I have thought about starting my own business or actually being my own boss and not working for anyone. I really had no idea what that business could be. At one point in life I became a loan officer. The best part of that was being my own boss and dictating my own schedule. Being a single mom gave me the flexibility I needed. The stress of that job didn't agree with me because I actually got physically sick and that was the end of that. Because it was just a job and because I was sick, it wasn't that important so I gave it now. At the same time I had learned that being a professional organizer was actually a career. Who knew you could make a living doing was I have always done and that I love to do? I could actually organize other people and be paid for it. Oh, happy days!!!!

That was the beginning of Organize2Harmonize. I joined NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and NAPO-LA, found networking groups to attend, and started spreading the word. I created a website, got business cards, letterhead, did mailings, etc. However, starting a business isn't as easy as it sounds. Or at least the making money part of it. In the very beginning I got a few clients, friends and family, then a couple more from other people that I knew but making the money I need to live off of, is another story. So you keep trudging away.

Then on the marketing. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really sure what that is or what I am doing. One thing that I do was get magnets for my car advertising my business. They were very inexpensive and I've actually gotten two clients from them. I write articles online, I have a online radio talk show, as well as doling the whole social networking thing. (That's a whole other challenge.)

Some days I have clients, some days I'm networking, some days both and some days I am just lost and not knowing where to turn. Luckily those don't last that long. All days I am trying to get more business, make new appointments, connect with new people and market, market, market.

Let's take today for instance. I was up early to get my daughter to camp, this week it's cheer camp, then I went to the gym for a quick workout, then home to shower and change for my coaching session. That session was great so when I got home I started working, working, working. I've been on the phone and computer for hours. Although I ma not making money per se, I feel very productive. I know I'm doing the right things and moving in the right direction. I'll probably be attached to this desk until I pick up my daughter from camp, drop her at a friends house for the evening then head out to my monthly NAPO meeting. I'll pick her up around 9pm, get her to bed and continue working on the computer. Does it ever end?! Maybe not but I'm busting my butt for no one but me and I love that.

Just remember: clear the clutter, clear your mind, be more productive.


  1. welcome to your blog! lol. looking forward to your stories.

  2. Robyn - Congrats on your first entry! Looking forward to hearing much more from you!